Understand your travel chain

JK Associates Consulting carries out audits for every single element of the “Travel” value chain

Our broad experience enables us to quickly identify your profile as soon as your needs have been expressed/understood. A key audit phase will then help us further refine the initial understanding of your company profile with a view to determining the terms and conditions of implementation of your “travel” strategy.
Throughout this phase, we learn more about who you are and JK Associates Consulting collects key information that are essential for the smooth progress of the mission and hence the achievement of the objectives.

These audits are genuine continuous improvement tools for costs, quality and performance so as to identify value opportunities and take appropriate action.


Quantitative aspects

  • Agencies and suppliers costs
  • Travel purchase costs
  • Budget audit
  • Prices and fares check
  • Financial processes: advance payments and expense reports


Qualitative aspects

  • Quality of services provided
  • Travel Agency and online solutions control
  • Auditing internal and external processes and operating procedures
  • Assessing the Purchasing performance
  • Monitoring the implementation of the T&E Purchasing strategy


Audit of air fares

Fare Audit © : an exclusive tool

JK Associates Consulting grants its customers an exclusive European license to Fare Audit Inc.

logo FareauditThis tool is recognized worldwide for its quality and independence. It allows to check the price of an air ticket once a traveller’s file has been created by the travel agency but prior to the issuance of the ticket, and thus avoids duplication of files and adjustment costs. Fare Audit ensures that you get the lowest possible air fare. This management tool for air travel procurement and travel policy gives you real-time access to audit reports across a wide range of indicators.
With Fare Audit, you can be assured that the file issued by your travel agency is optimised.