Manage the Travel Purchase performance

“Travel purchases” is a somewhat complex segment because of the concentration of supply, the strong fares swings (sometimes the market’s control: taxes, CO² reduction requirements…), the fragmentation of tariffs, as well as the difficulty to produce reporting (inclusive search, consolidation of multiple sources…)

JK Associates Consulting has an extensive benchmarking database as the result of a close and permanent watch, and is therefore able to anticipate market trends.


We enhance the management of the purchasing performance through a 4-pronged approach:

1.Budget consolidation per expense heading

  • Collection of statistics
  • Data consolidation
  • Budget analysis

 2.Budget optimization

  • Calculation of objective prices
  • Estimates of potential gains
  • Definition of the ROI

 3.Optimisation of the supplier relationship

  • Supplier (re)negotiation
  • Preparation and improvement of contracts
  • Implementation and control of quality service (SLA)
  • Introduction of performance indicators (KPI’s)

 4.Consultation process

  • Drafting calls for tender
  • Assistance in assessing bids (tools provided)
  • Decision support


Draft calls for tender

We are able to draft a call for tender for each and every element of the “Travel” chain, whatever needs you may have.
Travel agencies

  • Airlines
  • Hotels
  • Car rental
  • Lodged accounts cards/Company credit cards
  • Publishers: on-line booking site (SBT – HBT), management tools for “travel orders and expense reports”


We have extensive expertise in drafting contract documents in terms of public procurement.
Take a look at our references: Public Sector.