The management of business travels known as Travel Management involves highly strategic aspects in terms of organisation and impacts for the company.

Combine internal consensus and market vision

Many areas of your organisation are impacted such as the Purchasing department, the ISD, the Finance department or the Human Resources department, all of which must work with as much synergy as possible spurred on by the General Management.
Leveraging its expertise and market vision, JK Associates Consulting helps many companies and organisations to achieve internal consensus and formulate the right questions.


The challenges involved in a Travel Management programme

  •  Human challenges (who makes travel booking arrangements? who travels? under what conditions?)
  • Financial challenges (what benefits may be expected? what investment for which ROI?)
  • Functional challenges (how to identify organisational impacts on the various internal processes?)


In addition to these internal implications, a well-thought out Travel Management programme allows to establish a sound and clear dialogue with your suppliers and the ability to adapt to a changing market.
When devising a tailor-made Travel Management programme, JK Associates Consulting :

  •  Reviews the impacts of the project within the company
  • Analyses the risks and brakes on the project
  • Specifies the completion timeframe
  • Assesses the project sustainability
  • Develops a business case
  • Drafts the strategy and project plan together with you