Conduct your projects with complete peace of mind and confidence

Throughout our mission we provide a support based on three watchwords enabling our customers to meet their objectives with complete peace of mind :

  • Customer focus
  • Customised offer
  • Flexibility

For each type of services, we have developed a specific methodology and cutting-edge tools that are key to success.


Project coordination

JK Associates Consulting provides you with its management tools such as Project Quality Scheme, quality indicators, risk monitoring, etc.

JK Associates Consulting, as a genuine internal and external entry point, follows up the project through steering committees, supervises project development, and prevents project risks through upstream action.


Draft your travel policy

The travel policy is the cornerstone to efficiently manage corporate travels and trips. We will help you draft, refine or harmonize your travel policy (i.e. between company managements, subsidiaries, departments, etc.).


Change management and internal communication

Together, we will devise a tailor-made strategic plan to manage change which will be implemented and supported internally by the project team.

Successful change management must be prepared prior to starting the project. To that effect, we help you put together the most suitable in-house project team
Optimising a Business Travel Business programme is a cross-cutting project. The success of the project depends on a number of cross-cutting issues such as adapting to recently introduced practices, the introduction of a (new) travel agency, the forthcoming use of an on-line booking tool, new payment methods.
Along with change management, we also offer a communication plan together with materials, where required.