Choose the appropriate technology in support of Travel management

Technology and connected tools are pervasive in the business travel management chain.


JK Associates Consulting acts as Project Management Assistant (PMA) when setting up on-line booking portals and expenses tools».

We ensure cross-coordination between in-house and publisher’s, travel agency’s and even financial operator’s teams. Our role is to help effectively translate your objectives and your needs, and enable efficient dialogue.

We make sure that deadlines are met and we continuously assess project risks so as to take appropriate corrective action if need be. We evaluate the quality of tools setting, their fielding and rate of uptake throughout the project

Our management approach allows us to provide you with:

  • Ongoing monitoring of actions
  • A methodology that takes account of all operating procedures to be implemented
  • Guaranteed interoperability between the tools to be introduced and your ERPs and applications.
  • Arbitration necessary to complete the project


Travel agency implementation (on-line and off-line)

When setting up a new travel agency we guarantee the sustainability of delivered services: starting from the beginning of the implementation until the go live.
Under no circumstances will JK Associates Consulting substitute the travel agency during the implementation phase. Our added value involves providing assistance in deployment at every stage of its development (monitoring and control of operations, compliance with the timeline, risk anticipation, validation of the pilot phase…)