Independence, integrity and ethics

Since its inception, JK Associates Consulting has opted to work in complete independence from market providers. Therefore, we:

  • Conduct purchasing in compliance with the highest ethical standards
  • Act with the utmost transparency
  • Are committed not to receive any direct or indirect remuneration from suppliers


Recognized expertise and professionalism

The broad diversity of our activities in an increasingly complex and technical market environment requires genuine expertise.

Since 1994, scrupulous watch and benchmarking have helped us offer you the best service.

  • Give you the keys to a complex market
  • Promote a sustainable transfer of skills
  • Guarantee flawless and measurable service quality
  • Ensure strong support and commitment to your in-house project team
  • Be visionary and steal a march on the market trends through high standard information and watch


We regularly meet with the business travel market suppliers (travel agencies, IT solutions publishers for “travel orders/expense accounts”, financial institutions specialized in business travels…), we perform benchmarking at the global level and test the latest versions of business tools (Self Booking Tools, mobile applications…).


Social responsibility

The human and environmental dimensions must be part of any travel budget optimisation scheme.

  • Contribute through our unique approach to your strategy and commitments in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • Incorporate solutions that foster environmental protection
  • Implement dematerialised solutions
  • Offer alternative solutions to travels